Battle Begins as Wonder Girls takes on DBSK

Posted on: September 24, 2008

After battling it out with Big Bang (group and Tae Yang) over the last year or so, the Wonder Girls have moved on to their next challenge, DBSK.

The Wonder Girls achieved online success with their fourth project title song “Nobody” yesterday. The 60-70s retro-looking video and poster-like poses, the Wonder Girls have again sent a hot frenzy with their new song’s release.

After just one day of release, the response to the new song was so good on online sites that it climbed to number one almost at once. This is their third hit song after their past popular releases “Tell Me” and “So Hot”.

This hit-song machine maker Wonder Girls are predicted to have a “bloody” battle with the returning DBSK. DBSK have also released their fourth album “Mirotic” with much success. At Seoul’s ShiCheongAp Plaza this past Sunday, DBSK held a comeback performance for 20,000 fans after a 19 month hiatus. Their title song “JuMun-Mirotic” are also ranked highly on the charts.

The two ‘best female’ and ‘best male’ idol groups are approaching the moment of challenge – and everyone is eagerly awaiting that moment.

Already, the Wonder Girls have rivals in male idol group Big Bang in which they have met in direct challenge before with the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” and Big Bang’s “Lies”. Both groups ascended to their thrones with those two hit songs, and the score was tied at 1:1. “So Hot” was also released at the same time of Big Bang member TaeYang’s solo debut. Many fans gathered to watch the battles between the two with Wonder Girls sweeping #1 in most cases.

Although Big Bang was a big obstacle to the Wonder Girls, they were able to confirm their status as one of the best female idol groups.

Now it is time for the girls to face the idol kings DBSK. Can the Wonder Girls after their battle with Big Bang take on the undefeated DBSK? Fans and viewers alike are watching with keen eyes for the results of this challenge.

credit: KimHyunWu@newsen +

1 Response to "Battle Begins as Wonder Girls takes on DBSK"

i think the girls can do it with ‘nobody’, but i expect a stiff challenge from the boys. they’re not undefeated for nothg ^^

but since i love both groups, it doesn’t really matter who wins, but i’ll still be watching in anticipation ^^

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