Wonder Girls send internet sites into frenzy, again

Posted on: September 24, 2008

Wonder Girls did it again. Internet websites – search portals, news, blogs, music services, cafes, etc. – are going crazy over the latest hit song “Nobody” from the five-member girl group after its release on yesterday.

On Sept. 22, the Wonder Girls’ fourth project album’s title track, “Nobody”, was released through online music service sites along with the music video. After the moment of release, the Wonder Girls received hot interest as they climbed to #1 on all the major Korean search sites.

On two of the more popular Korean music sites, Cyworld and Bugs, “Nobody” quickly ascended to #1 on their music charts in just 2 hours and 11 hours of release, respectively. Most online music charts are based on sales and streaming plays of the song.

Also, “Nobody” can be heard and seen on many video websites and blog pages already as fans and music lovers alike keep spreading the wave of interest. Reviews by listeners have been positive, unlike the mixed reaction to “So Hot” upon release. “It’s cool! A big hit! haha Nobody – Wonder Girls” and “I think it’s going to come out bigger than ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’ it’s so addicting”.

JYP Entertainment released this statement, “We were surprised at ‘Nobody’ rising to #1 on charts after its release and the fans’ response…. We hope everyone anticipates the Wonder Girls’ promotion of their fourth project album ‘The Wonder Years – Trilogy’.”

Credit: newsen/yeonhapnews/cyworld/bugs (sources) + (article + image) + Wickerman @ popularasians


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