Kim Ha Neul Attempts Her First Action Film

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Kim Ha Neul, who caused an “Oh Seung Ah syndrome” among viewers after her role in the drama “On Air”, will attempt her first action film in the upcoming “Seventh Grade Civil Servant“.

“Seventh Grade Civil Servant” is a spy action, romance movie with the South Korea’s National Intelligence Service as the backdrop. The plot revolves around an 80billion won sale of chemical and biological weapons and the clash between Russian organized crime groups and the South Korea Intelligence Agency. The title of the movie, “Seventh Grade Civil Servant” refers to the minimum level required for a civil servant to enter the intelligence agency.

Kim Ha Neul will play as Ahn Soo Ji in the movie, an agent to the National Intelligence who has to hide her identity by living another life. This is a role that is completely different from top star “Oh Seung Ah”. The male lead of the movie, Kang Ji Hwan, will play as an international accountant who falls in love with Kim Ha Neul. As a result, Kang Ji Hwan is drawn into danger.

Different from her previous work “Six Years in Love” and “On Air”, Kim Ha Neul will need to transform herself in “Seventh Grade Civil Servant”. In order to get used fighting, horse riding and fencing actions, Kim Ha Neul will go through intensive trainings in the next three months.

“New challenges will always make my heartbeat go faster. As this is my first attempt at an action film, I do have some worries. However, I will immerse myself totally into the role. As an actress, I feel that this is a very good chance to widen the type of roles I am able to play,” Kim Ha Neul said.

The main casts for “Seventh Grade Civil Servant” has been finalized and the filming will begin on the 5th of October. The movie has a chance to be the most anticipated film in 2009.

Source: Newsen

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