Viewers Give High Ratings to ‘The Painter of the Wind’

Posted on: September 26, 2008

In the premiere of SBS “The Painter of the Wind” yesterday, Moon Geun Young attracted the eyeball of viewers with her “male transformation” scene. In the drama, Moon Geun Young plays as a gifted painter Shin Yoon Bok. Apart appearing in the beginning of the episode dressed as a female, Moon Geun Young was dressed as a man in rest of the episode. Although Moon Geun Young is officially an adult, but as Shin Yoon Bok is still at her teenage stage, Moon Geun Young looks alot like a dashing young boy.

In the original work, Shin Yoon Bok is just a female painter who wishes to hide her identity. However, when the work is brought onscreen, a lot of “Moon Geun Young style” was visible in the character.

In yesterday’s episode, Shin Yoon Bok sneaks into Queen Jeong Soon’s backyard, wanting to paint the scene of the Queen having a secret meeting with someone. However, Shin Yoon Bok is too excited and falls down. At this moment, Kim Hong Do (Park Shin Yang) who has just returned from painting in the mountains, catches onto Shin Yoon Bok. This marks the start of their relationship.

After the broadcast, the forums were flooded with praises for Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Yang. Moon Geun Young received praises like “Moon Geun Young’s acting is very natural”, “she is very cute in this male appearance”, “anticipating the upcoming episodes”, etc.

According to the statistics by TNS Media Korea, “The Painter of the Wind” is off to a good start with a 11.6% for its debut. Although this number is less than both “Beethoven Virus” (18.0%) and “The Kingdom of the Winds” (16.1%), things are likely to change with “The Painter of the Wind” going into its story proper.

Source: Newsen, mydaily


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