ELF finally Accepts Henry

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Super Junior M member Henry Lau also known as the Violin Boy and the cause for the Only 13 campaign has been through some rough patches with ELF (Super Junior’s Official Fanclub) from his first appearance in Super Junior’s Comeback Music Video, Dont Don.

However it seems Nuna ELF members has finally loosen their grudge on him as a member of Super Junior (M). The proclaimed Pro 13 ELFs recently gave Henry the nick name “HenMochi”, a combination of Henry and Mochi (his nickname because he has chubby mochi like cheeks).

A particular fan stated ELF has began to “Treasure Henry like the way they treasured Reyowook” yars ago.

It seems the sudden change of heart came from the inmense popularity Henry received from being part of HenWook (HenRyeo, RyRy, ect} Couple along with fellow member Ryeowook in Super Junior M.

However the non-nuna ELF still does not accept him.

And sadly ELF continues to protest Zhou Mi.

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4 Responses to "ELF finally Accepts Henry"

oh how clement… but Zhou Mi is also cute and talented ;O

ELF is insane =_=

I agree with you ranek..
Zhou Mi is fairly talently..
Don’t know why ELF is protesting..
It has already been decided..

Both of Henry & Zhoumi are talented.
That just stupid acts.
The fans (esp ELF) should accept SJ just the way they are :0

not all ELF isnt accepting zhou mi some of us love him and its seems like your taking it out on all ELF and i’m not a noona.

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