Paying final respects to Choi Jin-shil……

Posted on: October 3, 2008

The entertainment community is reeling from another shocking loss.

Choi Jin-shil took her own life on October 2nd. No one would have thought something so tragic could have happened. Looking back the day before her death, Choi Jin-shil went about her work as usual. She had a photoshoot at a Kangnam studio in the afternoon and went out for drinks with her manager in Shinsa-dong. After drinking 3 bottles of soju, she told her manager, “I want to die.” At home in her Jamwon-dong home, she told her mother, “I am sad and disappointed in people. Why do they bother me like this? I have nothing to do with the loans…” At 12 pm, she went to bed. At 4 am, her mother discovered that the bathroom door was locked. At 6am, a locksmith unlocks the door and her body is discovered. At 7:34, the police arrived on the scene.

With the recent deaths of Ahn Jae-hwan, and Lee Eon, the entertainment community has lost another star. We hope that there will be no more of these type of tragic losses.

And we hope that Choi Jin-shil can finally rest in peace.


1 Response to "Paying final respects to Choi Jin-shil……"

gosh this is so sudden and sad.

its been a horribly depressing year for korean entertainment.

i hope no such losses will be experienced again.

RIP choi jin-shil…

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