SHINee, Wonder Girls, Son Dam Bi… All hit songs have chairs in them?

Posted on: October 5, 2008

SHINee, Wonder Girls, Son Dam Bi… All hit songs have chairs in them?

‘The chair dance is rising’
In most recent performances, singers tend to use chairs in their choreography and get a lot of popularity. SHINee’s ‘Love Like Oxygen’, Son Dam Bi’s ‘Crazy’, and Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody: Ballad Version’ are the stars of this dance. What would these singers’ chair dance charisma be?

New singing group SHINee recently let out a 1st album title song ‘Love Like Oxygen’; through its performance, they showed the chair dance. The 5 members using 3 chairs for their performance was pop singer, Rino Nakasone’s product. She also created dances for Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, and Britney Spears.

SHINee’s entertainment company’s people say that “‘Love Like Oxygen’ is as much as a disco and funky rhythm with groove in it so at performances we tried to show a dynamic feel to it.” They also added “We picked this dance because using chairs on a dance stage we focus on the gaze effect and also is a dance that can show a variety of movements and it has many positive points so that’s how we chose it.”

One very interesting fact is that SHINee, Son Dam Bi, and Wonder Girls all carry around the same chairs for each performance. SHINee’s people say that in between they have to move the chairs so they carry around light weight chairs.”

Translation Credits: HyeJin
Credits: shinee-ing & shinee forums


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