Super Junior – Sohu interview

Posted on: October 5, 2008

An interview by Sohu last 09.16.08

Sohu: Why was KiBum unable to come?
HanGeng:KiBum is filming for a drama now and is hence unable to make it for some of our schedule.

Sohu:This is a question many are concerned about, when is the third album coming out? Can you give us some preview into what kind of style it will be?
LeeTeuk:There have indeed been many fans who are concerned about our third album, actually we had already begun recording for the album yesterday! After today’s concert we will be going back to continue with the recording. We will be showcasing a side of us that many have not yet seen and will be bringing a fresh image to everyone, please await our new album!

Sohu: SJ-M is a band that is based in China, what have the members gained from this?
HanGeng:Recently, Super Junior-M has been active in China, but it hasn’t been too long, only 4 months, and we have released a first album which have enjoyed the first spot on Chinese and Thailand Music Charts. Hope that we can do even better on our second album.

Sohu: Heard that SJ-M will be holding fan-meetings in parts of China, are there any concrete plans already?
HanGeng:SJ-M will indeed be holding fan meetings in the next half of the year and we hope everyone can look forward to it.

Sohu: HeeChul and KangIn have taken part in a musical recently, what are your feelings on this?
KangIn:Firstly, a musical is very different from singing, not only do you have to sing but you also have to showcase your acting skills on the stage. With different parts of the show, we will have to make use of different emotions through our expressions and music, it’s really different from singing. And what has been rather tough is that when we perform on stage there are 13 of us to share the work, but in a musical, it’s just me alone and I have to do my best. Of course, as a newcomer, I’ve only had a little taste of what musicals are like and have found it very interesting.

Sohu: Super Junior is now a widely popular group, and there have been activities in Thailand and Japan, are there any special characteristics of these fans that all of you feel interesting or impressionable?

LeeTeuk:Firstly, all our fans have a point in common and that is that they are all very warm and welcoming.

KangIn:Even though all the fans from different areas speak in different languages, yet they can still sing along to our songs in Korean and this makes us very proud.

LeeTeuk:If there’s a chance, we will learn the languages seriously and try our best to speak to the fans( in their own language).

KangIn:We have been learning Mandarin very seriously too! HuoGuo!(Steamboat in mandarin)

Super Junior:SoHu, Jiayou!

source: ladyshin999
Cre: asF


1 Response to "Super Junior – Sohu interview"

hahaha awwwwww i miss the boys!!! they are so cute. hope their third album will be super awesome!!! thanks for translating the interview ^^

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