Fahrenheit, “We want to work with Dong Bang Shin Ki”

Posted on: October 6, 2008

October 1, at 2 in the afternoon, Fahrenheit held a meeting to promote Taiwanese tourism at Seoul’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The 4 members of Fahrenheit, Yeom Ah Ryun (Yan Ya Lun) (Aaron Yan), Wang Dongsung (Wang Dong Cheng) (Jiro Wang), Jin Yuk Yoo (Chen Yi Ru) (Calvin Chen), Oh Zun(Wu Zun) have gained popularity in Korea from televised shows such as the Taiwanese Drama ’Hana Kimi’ and ’It started with a kiss’.

At this interview session, Fahrenheit introduced 따이루거 (Ddaee Ru Guh), 위런항구 (Weryun Hanggoo), 르위에탄 (Ruweehtan, 컨딩 (Keonding) then they suggested we try 지우펀위위엔 (Jiu Fun Wiwi An), 슈퍼망고빙수 (Super Mango Bingsoo – Shaved ice), 루웨이 (Ru way), and 뉘러우미엔 (Nooi Ruh umi ahn) as part of promotion of Taiwanese tourism.

Especially, Fahrenheit said ”This is the first time we’ve been to Korea but the convenient traffic and beautiful streets really drew us in.” In their interview, they skillfully threw and recieved and got attention by using Korean almost expertly such as ’진짜 (Jinja – Really)’, ‘맞아맞아 (Majuh Majuh – That’s right That’s right)’, ‘빨리와 (Bbal li wa – Come quickly)’.

When they were asked what Korean star they would like to have a chance to work with, they said “We were amazed how Dong Bang Shin Ki braved through the storm and did their best in performing even while they were getting hit by the hit. We heard that their new album is getting a good response so we would really like to try to work with them.” In addition they said, “At the Chinese Music State of Affairs Ceremony last April, we met Super Junior – M, we realized that they have experienced much more than us so we think there are many things that we can learn from them.” This recieved a lot of interest from Korean stars.
Together Fahrenheit, off the top of their head, showed how to make an Mango Bingsoo (Shaved Ice) and they even made their own bingsoo and had a fun time eating it. They ended the interview by saying “We would like it if Korea and Taiwan were able to become closer through each others culture. We will work hard promoting tourism for Taiwan and we hope that we can play a part in building the bridge to become one Asia.”

Fahrenheit will attend the Asia Song Festival on the 4th which will take place in Seoul’s Sang Ahm World Cup Competition Stadium.

source: gomdoriii
credit: Yahoo Korea News


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