Two Types of Group Leaders

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Following the idol groups of the 1990s, with SES, FinKL, HOT, Sechkies and Click-B, the idol groups of today include Big Bang, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK, ShiNee and 2PM, all contributing to the ”Autumn of the Idol Stars” that is lighting up the music industry.

While the 90s had at most 6 members in an idol group, today’s idol groups have as much as 13 members, resulting in an even greater necessity for the idol groups of 2008 to have teamwork and cooperation within the group. Therefore, being the leader of the group involves great responsibility and obligations. What does it mean to be a leader of today’s idol group? You can divide the types of leaders into two categories according to the individual group’s uniqueness and talents.

The Type of Leader that Stays Strong Despite Sadness!

The leader that does not easily shed tears due to their sense of responsibility include Big Bang’s Kwon Jiyong, SNSD’s Taeyeon and DBSK’s Yunho.

Kwon Jiyong, who writes, composes and produces the songs on their album, has girl fans fawning over his bright smile and calm manner, while displaying his strong level-headed focus as a leader at all times.

Taeyeon, who is the leader of the nine member girl group SNSD, is famous for never crying. When SNSD made number one, while all of the other group members were deep in tears, she bravely held her tears back before she went to a place where no one could see her and cried. However, on an episode of MNet’s School of Rock, she cried her eyes out when the hoobaes at her school did a special surprise performance for her, greatly surprising her fans with her many tears. With the cute image of SNSD, she supports the weight of SNSD with her neutral tone and hearty laugh.

Currently showing his four dimensional personality on MBC’s We Got Married, SS501’s charismatic Kim Hyunjoong was also chosen as the leader. Although he picks with the members on the outside, on the inside, he responsibly always takes care of the members, a side that he is showing to Hwangbo as the younger husband on the show.

The Type of Leader that is Always Reliable!
Another type of leader is the type who always is aware of the team’s mood.

As an example, there is Super Junior’s Leeteuk. With his charismatic eye-smile and dimples, he does not think twice about damaging his image in shows. Instead he always works hard in order to show a funnier side, laughing loudly with his members in order to support them.

In the same company is SHINee, whose leader is Onew. Currently on the show SHINee’s Younger Man, he has gotten the nickname of “Gentle Onew”, due to his ever gentle demeanor. A writer on the show said that “It isn’t just because Onew’s personality is good. He has the ability to lead the other members well.”

Wonder Girls leader Sunye is a prime example of a soft leader. With her long training period, Sunye, whose smile never leaves her face, also puts that much time into caring for her other members. Although it was once said that she was picked as a leader because of her older age, with her strong vocal talents, she plays a large part in balancing her group out as a strong leader.

source: supersoshinki
credit: Osen + soshified


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