Big Bang makes album sales breakthrough of 160,000 copies

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Big Bang makes an album sales breakthrough of 160,000 copies and also topping album sales chart in the past 2 months.

They are indeed one of the big hits of 2008 in the Kpop zone.

According to YG Entertainment, with the release of their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’ on 8th August until now, they have achieved album sales of 160,000 copies. After their 1st and 2nd minialbum, which includes hits like ‘Lie’ and ‘Last Greeting’, this minialbum continues to make the breakthrough of 100,000 album sales.

The minialbum continues to stay strong by staying within the top 5 positions on various online album sales ranking charts, and is expected to achieve album sales of 200,000 copies by the end of the year.

Not only so, Big Bang seems to be one group which is unaffected by the falling album sales trend for the music industry.

They released their title song ‘Haru Haru’ on 8th August the day of Beijing Olympics, but continues to make it to the top on many mobile and music ranking charts. The songs ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Heaven’ from their 3rd minialbum also proves to be popular hits occupying top positions on various music charts. Their 3rd minialbum can be said to be better than that of their 1st and 2nd minialbum.

Big Bang continues to gain popularity amongst people in their teens, twenties and thirties, with relating their own styles to the masses that that are differently from how other idol groups do it.

source: kbites@sookeong.wordpress


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