Hyun Bin and Lee Bo Young are ‘Very Happy’

Posted on: October 9, 2008

On October 9 afternoon, movie “I’m Very Happy“, which had been chosen as the closing film of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival, held its press conference at Haeundae. The two lead of the movie, Hyun Bin and Lee Bo Young along with director Yoon Jong Chan attended the event.

The movie has its backdrop set in a mental hospital and talks about the story of those unfortunate ones who yearn for happiness all day. Hyun Bin ditched his past “rich man’s son” image and played as an unkempt mental patient in the movie.

Director Yoon Jong Chan explained his considerations for the choice of the cast during the press conference. He said, “Hyun Bin used to play mostly as a rich man’s son and he is also pretty wealthy in real life. Lee Bo Young is the daughter of ex-Miss Korea. Hence initially, I was suspicious whether they were really suitable for the roles in the movie. However, they were very hardworking and also had the ability and skills to play their roles well”.

The two of them did not disappoint the director. Hyun Bin even cancelled his overseas trip and concentrate fully in the shooting of this film. In order to fully portray the mental state of those mental patients, he even went to the mental hospital to interact with the patients.

Hyun Bin said, “It was very difficult playing a mental patient. In order to fathom their psychological state, I even went to a covalescent hospital to interact with the mental patients. Although it was tiring but I really unenjoyed playing this role”.

“I’m Very Happy” will be shown tomorrow on the 10th at 7pm, after the closing ceremony of the Pusan Film Festival.

source: hanfever
credit: Newsen + MyDaily

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