Jaejoong asks fans why they don’t cheer at M! Countdown concert

Posted on: October 10, 2008

So there was a lot of confusion in the Korean fandom since the M! Countdown concert because of JaeJoong. When they got to recording the Mirotic performance, there was an NG so they had some time while the black whats-its were being fixed. The members went back down but then Jaejoong poked his head back out to ask the fans why they weren’t doing the cheers anymore. (As you probably know, the fans had decided to just listen quietly so people could actually hear DBSK’s live after asking the guys. So there was a lot of stuff floating around about how DBSK can’t agree on how they want to be cheered on either.)

You’ll have to look at the floor to spot him. Just his head/shoulder is sticking out.

JJ: Please cheer a lot. Lately (I’ve noticed that) you haven’t been doing that, you know
*JJ sings the Mirotic parts and the fans do the cheer*
JJ: That’s right! Please do it well/often~

Didn’t have time to watch the fancams of the concert but I heard that Cass cheered (but maybe too excessively) after this. Quite a few of the reports I’ve read said Jaejoong looked pretty satisfied after the Mirotic performance.

SM just posted a notice on DBSK’s news&notice portion a little while back that the fans should stay quiet, but do the cheering at the chorus of Mirotic like Jaejoong wanted. That probably settled things since until then, all the fans were wondering how they should cheer, if they should cheer (they started a poll again), etc.

source: fangirlmitz
credit: annneonet@LJ


2 Responses to "Jaejoong asks fans why they don’t cheer at M! Countdown concert"

CUTE JeaJoong (^^)

Ha Ha Ha….

Thank you so much.

yea…cute Jae oppa!!

it’s oki oppa…
Cassiopeia (include me^^) will cheer for u guys forever!!!
Thx for sharing!!

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