[Album] Jolin Tsai – Love Exercise, Pop/Ballad (Released October 31, 2008)

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Sing and learn with Jolin. Taiwanese dance diva Jolin Tsai is on the move again after her best-selling ninth album Agent J. Love Exercise is a three-in-one super release combining Jolin’s covers of ten English classics including Lovefool, Physical, and Kiss me. The release also comes with a CD-Rom containing English lessons based on songs with vocabulary pronunciation by Jolin. Love Exercise is complemented by a full-color English-instruction photo book. [Credit :]

Genre : Pop/Ballad
File Size : 57.39MB
Record Label : Gold Label Entertainment Limited (TW)
Country : Taiwan
Language : English

Tracklist :
01. Get This Party Started (Opening 揭開男女之間的愛情序曲) [Opening Prelude To The Love Between Men & Women]
02. Lovefool (愛的召喚) [The Call Of Love]
03. Kiss Me (熱戀階段) [Hot Love Stage]
04. The Blower’s Daughter (冷戰階段) [Cold War Stage]
05. I Won’t Last a Day Without You (極度想念) [Extreme Longing]
06. Lady Marmalade (女人的Talk 姐妹們的分享愛情心情派對) [Women’s Talk – Sisters Sharing The Feelings Of Love]
07. Physical (欲望交織) [Desire Intertwined]
08. When U Say Nothing at All (心領神會) [Implicit]
09. Thank U (欲走還留 結束的猶豫) [End Of The Walk Still Hesitant]
10. Angel (放手與原諒) [Forgive & Let Go]

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