About Kpopasia

Hi There !

Thiz blog is dedicated to update Kpop , KoreanEnt , some HQ video …Perf , MV , GameShow , LiveShow …ect… . I do translation of Kpop articles but as I am still learning the language, please pardon me if I make any mistakes .

  • Click the “Read me” section if you have any problems .

Profile of Me

  • Name : Mon
  • B-day : 88-06-24
  • K-idols : TVXQ , BigBang , Wonder Girls , Hyori , Se7en , Junghyun(Shinee) ,BoA , Ivy , Chaeyong , MC Mong , Eun Ji Won , Wheesung , Jinusean , Epik Hight , Lexy , FT Island ..v..v..@_@
  • C-idols : 周杰伦, 蔡依林, 王力宏, 张惠妹 , 光良 , 五月天 , 范玮琪 , 胡杨林 , 张韶涵 , 林俊杰 , 潘玮柏 , 陶喆 , 张栋梁 , F.I.R , 张敬轩 ,  梁静茹 …
  • US UK : Avril Lavigne ,Christina Aguilera  , Rihanna , Ne-yo ,  Chris Brown , Akon , CRAIG DAVID , JesseMccartney , Justin Timberlake , Kanye Wes , Leona Lewis , Mariah Carey , P Diddy ,The Pussycat Dolls …

bla bla bla …..

Hope You’re Enjoy My Blog !


10 Responses to "About Kpopasia"

thank U so much!
I really love this blog!
where are U from??
see you next time!

Good sharing blog you have ^_^, hope u can continue and upload HQ music video, thank for hard work to upload those video~

Follow host Nate Jackson to the far-flung musical corners of the Earth
on a search for the World’s Most Unique Music Festivals!

On tonight’s episode, Nate heads to the Asia Song Festival in Seoul,
Korea to experience the hugely popular world of Korean Pop. To get the
full experience, he’s going native – as a boy band dancer?! Glitz,
glamour, karaoke, and plenty of Soju make this trip one to remember- not
to mention the screaming fans for Korea’s beloved boy group, TVXQ!

Don’t forget to watch FUSE EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, Tuesdays at 11:30PM ET.

For more on TVXQ and exclusive snippets from tonight’s episode, click here:

Have a great day!!!

-Anna D.

You are so kind and very very lovely.

Thank you so much for your sharing.


thank you love

Hi !!
I follow fall incidentally on your blog, it is great, they find all that they want! I wish you a good continuance =)
Fighting !!

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Thanks for all the uploads. You are truly an angel^^
I linked you in my about site @ SHINee Intl Forum btw (:

Hello!! I just wanted to thank you so much for creating this blog! ^.^ I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this ❤ Hope you have an awesome new year!

hey!! thank you so much for your blog. all your uploads are the best. especially the wonder girls and big bang videos. heehee. thanks again. keep up the good work! 😀

Hi!!… your blog is sooo good, but what happened? why don’t you upload new videos o__o?
ok… that’s it… take care!

ps: sorry for my english. I’m chilean 😛

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