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If you wanna be linked , please Β post the name and site address in the comments. If you have a banner or something like that, do include it too.

  • Name:
  • Artist that site supports:
  • Site link:
  • Image link:

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Thax !


41 Responses to "Wanna be linked ?"

hiii =]
link me plz and I’ll link you back =]
* Name: Aznsource Forums
* Artist that site supports: kpop, jpop, cpop
* Site link:
* Image link: [banner link]

@ blurrydreamz : added πŸ˜€

thank you!! I linked you back in the forum πŸ™‚

Hi!!! I like this blog….so I want to change links, please link me and I link us. Maybe:

Name: Jahr’s Blog
Artist that site supports: J-Pop (many artist like Koda Kumi, KELUN, Hitomi Shimatani and others) and K-Pop (for the moment only DBSK o.O)
Site link:
Image link: [Banner Link]

@ Jahr : added XD

kpopasia: really thanks a lot!! I think that dont link me because I talk in spanish and the banner isnt dbsk or other korean group or artist. So Thanks a lot of!!! Your videos are amazing!

I link us already in my blog, so if you are interesting in J-music for download click in “descargar” when you see it in my blog.


I really like this blog. It’s got offers so many performances, and you don’t use megaupload πŸ˜€

* Artist that site supports: a range of artists from kpop, jpop, cpop etc. But I think I’m kinda biased when it comes to DBSK ^^”
* Site link:
* Image link:

@ sana : added :d

Name: Ye Eun-Impact
Artist that site supports: Ye Eun & Wonder Girls
Site link:
Image link:

K-Holic : Added ^^

Hi can I get linked ? plox=]

Name: Lolcakes
Site link :
Artist it site supports : all K-pop and J-pop artists
Image Link :

If you want a picture with your link on my site could you please make a 125 x 125 banner and then you can have one of the big 4 slots otherwise it can only be a text link

@ Cakes : added ^^ and thax 4 linked me !

Hi there~
Would you like to add my blog to your blogroll?
Site name: My Blue Ocean

thanks. I added you already xD

sry to trouble, can i request you to change ye eun-impact banner url?

Name: Ye Eun-Impact
Artist that site supports: Ye Eun & Wonder Girls
Site link:
Image link:

* Name: Jumpingnutz
* Artist that site supports: Most k-pop artists! At least those that we know of πŸ™‚
* Site link:
* Image link:

πŸ™‚ Thank you.

@ K-Holic : it’s ok !

@ XYZ : Added ^^

* Name: Yongwonhi Forums
* Artist that site supports: Wonder Girls
* Site link:
* Image link:

@MM : Added !

hello there!

* Name: blu3*boombox
* Artist that site supports: asian music basically
* Site link:
* Image link:

hi! my site if it’s ok with you… πŸ™‚

* Name: blu3*boombox
* Artist that site supports: asian albums
* Site link:
* Image link:

@ Bluebuzzbug : added XD

oohh… i made a mistake posting twice?! sorry…..

thanks for adding and added you


hi there…
i am ICE from Malaysian Cassiopeia forum

i bet you already know about malaysian fans right now having various efforts in trying to bring dbsk to malaysia
becoz of that, i would like to ask, if it is possible for you to promo this thing…since you site is popular and visited by many people
so, i hope the fans will aware of this
please please….
below is the picture

@ ICE : added ^^ hawting ..!

Whoop..I wanna be linked too!!

Name: Qea Heart Ondubu ❀ Lee Jinki
Artist that site supports: Onew (SHINee) n other kpop artist
Site link:
Image link:

TQ in advanced!!

@ Qea Heart Ondubu : added ^^ and thax !

* Name: Music Box
* Artist that site supports: kpop, jpop, cpop
* Site link:
* Image link: none -_-

thanks in advanced πŸ˜€

* Name:OranchKat
* Artist that site supports:Kpop
* Site link:
* Image link:

@ externalfire : Added ^^
@ oranchkat : Hi & Added ^^


* Name:Joongie Town
* Artist that site supports:Kim JaeJoong
* Site link:
* Image link:

@ BoomiJJ : Added πŸ˜€ love jaejoong ..mizz him so much 😦

hello !!

i would like that you can link us pls

Site link:
Image link

Thanks for ur attention ^^

@ vanessa : added !

sorry could you pls give me a smaller banner? Yours is too big to my bar 😦

Site URL:
Site Name: Tae Yang Heaven
Supports: Big Bang/ Tae Yang (YG FAMILY)
Site Banner:

* Name: David&Kacey (K-pop Generation)
* Artist that site supports: SNSD,SUPER JUNIOR,DBSK,KARA
* Site link:
* Image link:

i have added ur link to my blog,pay a visit when u are free, thanks!!!

Name: DBSK-Cassiopeia!!
Artist that site supports: DBSK only
Site link:
Image link:

could you edit our info? thanks!

Forum Name: Ye Eun-Impact β˜… μ˜ˆμ€-좩격 (The 1st International Fan-Base)
Artist the site supports: Park Ye Eun & Wonder Girls
Forum URL:
Banner link:

Website Name: wonderlandonesia
Website Description: this is wonderfuls community from indonesia
Website URL:
Website Banner:

Name: Musik-Exposure
Artist that site supports: Jpop and Kpop
Site link:
Image link:

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